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3 Lifestyles poorly suited to your shoes

We often talk about having shoes for every occasion. A pair for sports, outings or even work.

But what happens if your favorite activity is done barefoot? What if the goal of your activity is to connect with nature during a great hike? Or even if you want to harness the power of your feet during your squats?

Here is a list of lifestyles that would benefit more from a change in mentality when it comes to purchasing their shoes:

1- The contemporary Yogi 

Whether before or after work, this type of person tries to take as much time as possible to take off their shoes and get on their yoga mat. She loves the feeling of freedom and relaxation that this activity brings her.

Despite their best efforts, this person will still end up spending most of their day in restrictive shoes. No matter the occasion, wearing shoes says “goodbye” to the freedom of Mr. Little Toe!

If only there were a shoe that made you feel barefoot... it would be the invention of the century! 

Imagine walking barefoot on a yoga mat at any time of the day.

2- The hiking and nature enthusiast 

Hiking is not just a physical activity. It is also the possibility of connecting with our environment and feeling that we are an integral part of our beautiful planet.

As we try to get closer to our environment, why are the soles on hiking shoes so thick and rigid?

Although a phenomenal number of nerve receptors are under our feet, it remains impossible to feel the soft, earthy ground of our hike. 

If only there were a shoe that allowed us to feel more about the ground and our connection to our environment... it would be the invention of the century! 

Imagine the impact of your connection with nature as you feel the different reliefs of each of your steps.

3- The gym enthusiast

Indoor training allows us to strengthen several muscle groups in our own way. It is no longer uncommon to see a person barefoot while performing a squat. Some people have understood the following secret: our feet are very important in the mechanics of the lower limbs.

The better the stability of your feet, the better your movement. We find this stability when we spread our toes, this offers a wider base of support and allows our plantar arch optimal support. It is not possible to spread your toes in traditional sports shoes, but it is possible when you are barefoot.

Using our wonderful toes shouldn't be limited to the gym, a tiny part of our day.

If only there were a shoe that allowed you to access the muscles in your feet at any time of the day... it would be the invention of the century! 

Imagine how easy it would be to strengthen your feet.

At Alpha Barefoot Shoes, we have created a shoe that allows you to live your lifestyle without restrictions.

Come on contemporary yogis, free your feet beyond your yoga session!
Come on, nature enthusiasts, connect all the nerves in your body to it!
Come on, workout enthusiasts, optimize your feet for more than an hour a day!
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