At Alpha Barefoot Shoes, we believe in uniting art and functionality to create unique products that reflect our commitment to quality and design. We are delighted to announce our first collaboration with the talented Montreal painter Oli Corno.

About Oli Corno

Oli Corno is a renowned painter, known for his vibrant and expressive works that capture the essence of creativity and human emotion. His exceptional talent led him to participate in the second season of the reality TV show Survivor Quebec, where he demonstrated his daring spirit and resilience.

A Personalized Work of Art

For this special collaboration, Oli Corno designed an exclusive artwork for our shoe box. Each box features a unique design that reflects the spirit of freedom and innovation we cherish at Alpha Barefoot Shoes. This collector's item turns every purchase into an unforgettable artistic experience.

Art and Movement

We are excited to merge art and movement through this collaboration. Oli Corno's designs bring a new aesthetic dimension to our barefoot shoes, symbolizing our commitment to offering products that are not only functional, but also visually inspiring.

Why This Collaboration?

  • Authenticity: Our barefoot shoes and the works of Oli Corno share a commitment to authenticity and personal expression.
  • Innovation: We are constantly looking to innovate, and this collaboration is a step toward creating products that tell a unique story.
  • Community: By supporting local artists like Oli Corno, we strengthen our connection with the community and celebrate the diversity of talent.

Discover the Collection

We invite you to discover our exclusive collection in collaboration with Oli Corno. Each pair of shoes comes in a box adorned with their personalized artwork, making each purchase a unique and memorable experience.

Explore the art of movement with Alpha Barefoot and Oli Corno Shoes, and walk with a work of art on your feet.

To learn more about this collaboration and view the full collection, visit our online store or contact us at

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