Size Guide

Welcome to our barefoot shoe size guide. Choosing the right size is essential to ensure optimal comfort and a natural walking experience. This detailed guide will help you understand how to measure your feet correctly and choose the perfect barefoot shoe size for your needs.

Why barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes mimic the feeling of walking barefoot while providing protection from the elements. They allow natural freedom of movement, strengthen the muscles of the feet and improve posture. To take full advantage of these benefits, it is crucial to wear shoes that fit properly.

How to measure your feet

  1. Preparation :

    • Place a sheet of paper on a hard, flat surface.
    • Be sure to wear thin socks or no socks, depending on your preference for barefoot shoes.
  2. Measure the length:

    • Stand with your heels against a wall and place your foot on the sheet of paper.
    • Draw a line in front of the end of your longest toe.
    • Measure the distance from the edge of the leaf (heel) to the line (toe).
  3. Measure the width:

    • Identify the widest part of your foot (usually the ball of your foot).
    • Draw two lines on each side of the widest part and measure the distance between these lines.

Size Chart

Use the length and width measurements obtained to find your ideal size in our size chart.

EU size US Size Men US Size Women UK size Foot Length (cm) Foot Width (cm)
35 - 5 W3 22.9 9.4
36 - 6 W4 23.5 9.5
37 - 7 W4.5 24.2 9.7
38 - 7.5 W5 24.9 9.5
39 - 8 W6 25.2 9.7
40 7 9 W7/M6 26.2 9.9
41 8 10 W8/M7 26.9 10
42 9 11 W8.5/M8 27.5 10.3
43 10 11.5 W9/M9 28.2 10.5
44 11 - M10 28.9 10.8
45 12 - M11 29.5 10.9
46 12.5 - M11.5 30.2 11.1
47 13 - M12 30.9 11.2

Additional Tips

  • Try at the end of the day: Feet tend to swell throughout the day. Measure them in the evening for a more accurate fit.
  • Difference between feet: It is common to have one foot slightly larger than the other. Base your size choice on the largest foot.
  • Custom fit: Barefoot shoes should be fitted but not too tight. Your toes should be able to move freely without being compressed.