The History of Alpha Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Shoes was born from the union of three brothers-in-law sharing different but complementary backgrounds. It all started when one of them, a chiropractor, realized that traditional shoes did not respect the natural anatomy of the foot, thus causing various long-term problems. In 2019, this chiropractor discovered he could no longer spread his toes, a realization that led him to seek alternative solutions. This is how he discovered barefoot shoes, which turned out to be the perfect rehabilitation tool for regaining normal foot function.

The Inspiration Behind Alpha Barefoot Shoes

The observation of the inaccessibility of barefoot shoes in Canada also inspired the creation of Alpha Barefoot Shoes. The challenges of trying and purchasing barefoot shoes motivated the founders to create a local solution. They wanted to offer Canadians the ability to easily find barefoot shoes that respect the natural anatomy of the foot, without exorbitant shipping costs or long delivery times.

Values ​​and Philosophy

At Barefoot Shoes, we firmly believe in empowering individuals to live authentically. We create beautifully designed products that respect every aspect of their favorite activities, while perfectly adapting to their daily tasks. Our mission is to make shoes that allow freedom of movement and a natural connection with the ground, while remaining aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

The Team and Expertise

Alpha Barefoot Shoes was founded by a chiropractor, engineer and entrepreneur. Their combined expertise in foot health, engineering design and business has created a company capable of producing high quality barefoot shoes. Their shared passion for foot health and wellness was the driving force behind this innovative business.

Sustainability and social commitment

We are committed to sustainable and responsible practices such as responsible sourcing, ethical manufacturing, waste reduction, use of sustainable packaging and awareness. We collaborate with partner organizations to strengthen our positive impact on society and the environment. Our practices promote an ethical supply chain and reduce our environmental footprint.

Used materials

We use materials such as rubber, TPU (Thermoplastic), synthetic leather, cotton and elastomer. These materials were chosen for their durability, flexibility and ability to provide an authentic and comfortable barefoot experience. They make it possible to create shoes that respect the anatomy of the foot while offering great durability.

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